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There’s no boundary for earning.
Running business in cross border region may need different communication tools and payment systems. We have the experience and expertise in manipulating various popular digital platforms used in mainland regions.

WeChat/ WeiXin

What different from other instant communication tools, applying WeChat/ WeiXin in your business requires lots of set up, application and verification efforts. However the difficulty is, it provides a full surrounding ecosystem for business.

On top of account setup, content marketing, campaign, social ads, page monitoring services, we can also handle mini-program and payment development too.



As the strongest rivalry of WeChat/WeiXin and oldest electronic payment instigator, most e-commerce business choose both of them as transaction method due to its large users base and strong connection with Taobao. For your customers’ convenience, we highly recommend such application.


As a part of internet ecosystem of mainland, Baidu has the authority equals to Google. Baidu web master tools was developed to serve keywords and ad copies analytics. That will support the planning of cross border search engine solutions.

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