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Sturdy platform for online business.

As the very inner core of online business, website provides sturdy hub function. From message container, selling store, reservation system to data collector, sometimes it’s more important than a practical shop.

Besides the actual operative functions, the existence of your business site also represents your brand strategy to create the brand identity. After all, you might be thinking of loyalty program or other CRM stuffs, and we have the greatest solution for you.

Marketing Automation

Benefit your business by digitization its every process, with automated seamless workflows, it brings efficiency and least loss due to minimal fragmentation.

Customized booking, noticing and automated reporting system are good. But we can do more, favor your costumers by auto chat bot and individual sales message.

marketing automation

E-commerce Solution

After website construction, a standalone e-commerce platform could be a isolated tool. When it comes with customized marketing and advertising solutions, there will be a pulsing synchronization between social media and CRM program when more channels have been involved.
integrated e-commerce solution

Social Media

Run Facebook, Instagram marketing campaigns for brand building or sales boosting. The scale is flexible and target driven. To ensure the communication has sufficient impact, we care content marketing and creative production too.
social media
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