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Health and beauty are for web too.


Dr Beau is a medical beauty center provides various form of health care services with professional medical staffs. Owning a grand decorated service center in Tsim Sha Tsui, customers from local and mainland queued to make their appointment just to experience their desired changes.

To handle current and potential customer’s inquiries, they needed a reliable online booking system to make appointment on treatment reservation. Besides of that, a clean and attractive service introduction for each service should be presented to comfort and persuade audiences.

Not hard to see the importance of a functional website, that it could relief the repetitive medical explanation workload, and enhance the efficiency of treatment scheduling.

Uncles Production realized that a coherent website design must be unified with Dr Beau’s center decoration, thus we reference their business materials to give solution.

After rearranged and simplified the medical information, we decided to present treatment details in both pictures and video. With considered their audiences come form both mainland and local, we also provided two languages for better readability.

For better customer’s interaction, we installed instant facebook chat messenger which linked to Dr Beau fan page directly.

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