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Online winery platform.


Thinking of an online platform with wine trading and news releasing functions is good enough? No really, how about gathering a group of wine lovers who share their tasting experience with interest in crowd funding, group buying?

Wine On Earth was born with such full considered requirement to handle the needs of real wine lovers. In this ecosystem, whoever you are business user like wholesaler, retailer or simply a consumer, you can enjoy higher freedom to sell and buy in a peer to peer way. It works like a market, just upload and sell.

More than that, you can raise your own crowd funding and group buying event through the same user hub. An editorial function also allows you to spread your tasting notes, marketing words, or even in-store ad banners .

From design to program, Uncles Production integrated information and e-commerce website together with P2P functions, it’s a very intense work due to the complexity of construction.

We coded Wine On Earth with standard e-shop specification initially, and then developed an multi-functional user hub to turn it into an “e-mall”. Not just products, the hub enable users to create and upload all kinds of content on own.

Once users registered themselves as store owner, there will be a mini sales report and SEO setting for their store. On top of that, plenty of payment methods were fitted to convenient the trading. Indeed, it’s a one stop for all.

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